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Created in 1978, The Moon Calendar comes from professor Pierre-Henri Meunier’s idea, who was highly invested into several associations and also very interested in gardening. Although the Moon Calendar was at first, simply made of a few printed sheets, it was already including Roland Berthet’s original idea, to present the ascending and descending movement of the Moon by using the shape of a curve.

After a few times, Pierre-Henri Meunier decided to devote himself to energetic medicine, and he left the members of the association he had created for the Moon Calendar to take charge of it. Since early eighties, researches and observations of the Moon Calendar’s association team have been enriched by the experience of one of its member, the organic vegetables grower Michel Gros. We also thank very much all of our faithful readers whose trust, experiences and suggestions encouraged us to develop the Moon Calendar more and more. The publication of the Moon Calendar is now realised by Ltd. Calendrier Lunaire Diffusion. As well as a French version, a German, Spanish, Catalan and English version is now available.

Since 1978 the purpose of the  Moon Calendar remains unchanged: to convey simple and ecological methods which can help us to take care of our garden, of the Earth and therefore ofourselves. Make use of ancestral knowledge while ecologically gardening, helps us to be  enriched and in the same way to create a beautiful planet.

Michel Gros is nowadays the main author of the Moon Calendar. With a farming background he was very early interested in organic farming and ecology while having a passionate interest in food and health; he set up in 1975 as an organic farmer and vegetable grower. In parallel with farming and since early eighties, he actively dedicates himself to the realisation of the Moon Calendar.