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Few type pages

Here are few type pages of the Moon Calendar content. It is possible to enlarge each page by clicking on it.

The first double page shows the Moon’s curve (here for January 2009).

Enlarge the selected pages by clicking on them.




The general contents page, which shows the Moon Calendar contents.








Tables summarizing for quick reference the best dates and times of the day for: compost, use of fungicides, insecticides, eradicating weeds… wine bottling, timber cutting.











The important dates are indicated for animals (see below), harvesting, plant-based decoctions, hay, cereals…







Tables for hair cut, depilation, teeth care, advice for the body, eating… are available in the chapter “living with the Moon”










Simplified Instructions can be found in the tear out “How to use the Calendar” page, and detailed explanations can be found in the Calendar.








Note pages are available for your notes. These note pages also contain additional information, for example “tidal effects”.