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Lunar and Solar Eclipses

éclipse Solaire et éclipse Lunaire

Eclipse of the Sun                  Eclipse of the Moon


An eclipse takes place when the Moon is new or full,when it is aligned with the Sun and the Earth in the plane of the ecliptic (2nd case): There is a solar eclipse if it is a new Moon, and a lunar eclipse if it is at full Moon. There is always an eclipse if the lunar node takes place at the time of the new Moon or the full Moon.





Eclipses of the Moon :

25 April : partial eclipse reaching its peak at 20:08 (GMT)

25 May : penumbral eclipse reaching its peak at 04:10 (GMT)

18 October : penumbral eclipse reaching its peak at 23:50 (GMT)

Eclipses of the Sun :

10 May : annular eclipse peaking at 25:25 (GMT)  visible in Nothern Australia, Salomon Islands and Central Pacific

3 November : total eclipse peaking at 12:46 (GMT) visible in Gabon, Congo, Zaire